Lisa Wdowina

Lisa Wdowina was born in Moscow in 1993. Studied Photojournalism at Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow). Since 2017 she is a student of Rodchenko Art School (Moscow) on Documentary photography. Since 2013 she has been participating in different exhibitions among them are «085» 2019 (personal exhibition, Rodchenko Art School, Moscow), «Reminiscence» 2019 (Ostavinska gallery, Belgrade, Serbia), «Being 20 in» 2019 (Halle Saint-Gery, Brussels, Belgium), «Uchebnaya trevoga» 2019 (Winzavod; Moscow), «Mishen» 2019 (the Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin; Moscow; Historical-architectural museum of Tula; Tula, Russia), «Nevolya» 2018 (Gilyarovsky Center; Moscow), «Klassnoye Sobraniye» 2018 (Winzavod; Moscow), «Stolknovenije» 2017 (Zverevskiy Center of Contemporary Art; Moscow) etc. In her artistic practice Lisa addresses the topics of different kinds of boundaries, femininity and teen-age sexuality.

Round and round
If the ratio between the two parametric equations is a rational number, the moving P is returned to the starting point within a time period equal to the least common multiple of the periods, with the same speed vector it had at the start, forming closed figures. If the ratio is irrational, it produces open figures.

You’re on the outline of the circle, motionless. Both your physical body and your consciousness, suspended. You are unable to act, unable to finish a project, unable to hold onto an idea. You’re numb. Things that used to matter cannot evoke any feeling inside you anymore. To break this cycle of inability, we took long walks along the silent abandoned streets, but found ourselves pacing the same circle again and again. Mood swings break you out of the cycle, out of the circle, by making you finally feel something.
But you’ll be back soon enough.
Back on the same old circle.


Flora VSR-98
"Flora VSR-98" is the name of common camouflage, which the girls from the Russian cadet police school wear. Russian police system is very masculine. While camouflage is mostly men's attribute and associated with force and brutality, the name "Flora" refers to blooming and femininity.
While being only 14-15 years old, girls embark on a path of brutal patriarchy of the military regime.
Trying to combine femininity, youth, and the harsh reality of service, they are doomed to be new faceless cogs in a war machine.
I'm interested in the interaction between the system ruled by men and the evolving girls' world. The way how they express themselves, looking for their sexuality, tiny details popping out through the official uniform. The system changes them, but they also shift its boundaries.

(work in progress)

(work in progress)
Distance: 8 hours

In the age of email, chats, photos and video calls, high-speed trains and airplanes long
distance relationships take a new form.
Distance here is only a physical quantity. A quantity which could easily be reduced to
nothing in a measly eight hours. And relations are not limited to love or intimacy.

(work in progress)
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